23. April 2020
non-Passenger revenues are crucial for Airports in becoming resilient, diversify their revenues and becoming less dependent on passenger income.
15. December 2019
On the 5th and 6th of December, the first Airport City Academy was held in Vienna. About 30 delegates from all over the world participated. The Airport City Academy is an initiative of Max Hirsh (Airport Urbanism) and Pieter van der Horst (AIREA) and organized by Aviation Media.
05. July 2019
The SMART Airports & Regions conference will this year take place at El Paso, Tx (USA) on 22-24 of July. Pieter van der Horst will be one of the speakers on the second day. His speech will be about Land use, Real Estate & Commercial Developments at airports.
13. June 2019
We make the City! Also the Airport City!
26. February 2019
AIREA will be present at SMART Airports conference in Singapore.
17. January 2019
On the 11th of December, Pieter van der Horst from AIREA was one of the teachers involved in the GTI Maximizing Airport Revenues training in London. A wide variety of topics was discussed, ranging from parking management to retail management and from adding leisure to the airport to creating an Airport City.
14. December 2018
AIREA was present at the SMART Airports Workshop and Pieter van der Horst was one of the presenters.
09. October 2018
AIREA has recentely developed a Commercial Airport Real Estate Training program. It consists of getting a better understanding of the airport real estate market, investment structures, Airport City service levels, product maturity, Real Estate strategies, organization set up, real estate process and commercial / business development and gives many examples of how other airports handle these topics.
03. October 2018
From October 24th until October 26th the International seminar of Sustainable Airport Areas whill be held in Beijing. It is organized by Hubstart (Paris) and Beijing New Aerotropolis.
18. September 2018
Airports own vast amounts of land. If you superimposed the average airport over a map of the city that it serves, you’d find that it’s about the same size as the entire downtown core—and many airports are much, much bigger. Some of this land is held in reserve for future terminal and runway expansions, but a lot of it is not. The world’s leading airports view these real estate holdings as a critical source of non-aeronautical revenue. They’ve transformed that land into a variety of...

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