non-Passenger revenues are crucial!

Airports should focus on non-passenger revenues.

Many airports are struggling because of the Covid-19 crisis. Now that passenger flights have almost been reduced to zero, it becomes clear that only airports that have focused on non-aviation revenues and cargo in the past, still have an income stream.

But even most non-aviation sources are related to passengers and are therefore also drastically reduced.
Only sources with 'non-Passenger revenues' are still performing well, meaning Cargo and Airport cities (commercial Real Estate at airport (areas)).

I introduced the term 'non-passenger revenues' in the Aviadev Webinar on the 8th of April 2020.

For the future, it would be wise for airports to focus more on these non-passenger revenues.


Together with NACO, I am working on an article about how airports in the future can and should focus on these non-passenger revenues and incorporate it into their strategy. As soon as the article is finished I will put up a notification on LinkedIn and on the AIREA website.