Airport city Development

The first step in developing an airport city is the realization of a Masterplan for the envisioned area, usually including the airport itself. The (future) land use of the area is put forward in this Masterplan as is the infrastructure and all accommodation of related airport and commercial facilities. Another aspect that is part of the Masterplan is the expected growth or air travel and air cargo and where this can be accommodated in the different parts of the airport (city). In some cases also the economic demand is one of the elements that is studied in the masterplan and used as input for the urban planning.


After the Masterplan is finished a totally new phase starts: The phase of attracting investors and/or end users that will locate at the Airport city. The scope of work changes in this phase. When developing the Masterplan there is a need for planning and technical employees to set up but also coordinate the work on the Masterplan, but in this new phase there is a need for more commercial employees and the focus will change to business development. This transition from the planning to the business development phase is a difficult step to take. Not necessarily because this new phase is more complicated, but a lot of new and divers aspects come into place, different skills are needed and a lot of things cannot be decided upon by the airport(city) organization anymore but can only be influenced indirectly. In the planning phase you can decide which economic industry goes where (land use) and at least the process of master planning is identical in different situations. But now you have to deal with investors, local municipalities, real estate agents and so on, who have there own opinion and goals and have to be persuaded and convinced to invest or agree upon investment in the Airport city. Because every region is unique, with unique regulations, government structures, real estate market and so on, the process of business development of the Airport city is also very time unique.


AIREA can help you with your airport city development and offers the following services:

  • Development at and of high traffic locations
  • Airport City development
  • Aerotropolis development
  • City development
  • Area development
  • Real Estate development
  • Economic development
  • Investment analysis
  • Investment consultancy
  • Feasibility studies
  • Masterplanning
  • Market research
  • Financial management
  • Project management
  • Interim management