AIREA Airport City Development

AIREA is an expert in the development of and consultancy on airport cities, airport Real Estate and other high traffic locations (TOD's).
Airports and other high traffic locations are more and more being seen as important business destinations and even economic generators for the region. For an airport region this phenomenon is called Airport city (development). There are several examples of successful airports that transformed into an Airport city with successful catering and shops in the terminals (air- and landside), cargo facilities, commercial office buildings, hotels, leisure facilities, retail and convention facilities. In this way an Airport city doesn't only generate additional revenues and profits but also increases employment and business opportunities for the region.

The big question is how an airport can transform into an Airport city and generate additional revenues, profits and employment opportunities. AIREA is an expert in the development and consultancy of Airport cities and other high traffic locations. We can help airports forming their development strategies, commercial developers with expertise on how to develop at an airport and local municipalities in incorporating the development of the airport as part of their regional economical growth policies. In certain cases we even invest in airport real estate or other opportunities ourselves.